Hi all –

Holly Newman here. I was encouraged by two friends (coincidentally, both named Ellen) to start a blog. Until now I have relied on a static website at called AgilePooch.com, but decided maybe it was time to step into the non-static world of blogging. So here we are. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Holly: Could we communicate more via email – subject would be the custom built shelf you have on your Ninja. I am looking for something like that for mine and was wondering if you or Rich had a diagram or template that you worked from? It is kinda hard to figure out how it is but together from the pictures since it is a black shelf against a black dash. I would certainly appreciate any info you could provide. Thanks, Gregg

  2. Ed Tabor says:

    What do you think about the Ruffwear SingleTrack Pack for mountain trails?

  3. Linda Summersgill says:

    Can you recommend a dog car restraint that dogs can’t easily escape from? I have tried two thus far. thanks

  4. Debbie says:

    Found your article about spleen tumors helpful. I found a tumor on our dog less than two weeks ago. Vet preformed surgery and removed a five pound tumor. Our dog is a 70 pound yellow lab. We are still waiting for the path report, but I am encouraged since it was so large and they saw no evidence of it spreading. We should hear soon about path. We were lucky that it had not burst and he had not started bleeding. Debbie

  5. Tom says:

    Found your article about spleen tumors helpful. I found a tumor on my dog …she is 12 year old Jack Russell her name is April, they just removed her spleen because of a grapefruit mass she was bleeding but did not burst, they are sending it off to see if it is cancerous…one day she was fine the next thing you know she quit eating, she got lethargic. and starting to walk slowly. surgery went well so need doggy prayers to be benign

  6. Jodylynne says:

    hi i read every blog on here and wanted to tell my story..
    my 12 year old papillon Thai-Thai had a major seizure on Saturday.. we rushed to the ER Vet… and here are the discoveries..
    first know that Thai-Thai is a liver compromised papillon since he was 6 months old.and 2 years ago was diagnosed with enlarged heart disease and a heart murmur . that vet said he wouldn’t live past 2 years … i fired that vet and started holistic treating he is one awesome amazing fur-baby.. so back to yesterday and the decision i am making
    we did blood work urinalysis xrays…
    due to Thai-Thai’s liver problem we cannot put him under anesthesia
    it filters through the liver and since his liver is failing that alone might kill him.
    here is what the results are of all the testing
    tumor in spleen the size of a baseball.. nodule starting on the kidney… liver is stressed.and starting to fail… gallbladder is full of sludge.. they still don’t know why he had his seizure…his heart is enlarged and pressing on his treakia…might have cancer.. but would need to do biopsy.. and a splenectomy means doing mri.. also putting him under anesthesia.. with all this symptoms.. at 12.. his little body might shut down.. to make matters worse my hubby is out of town at a business convention… that about sums it all up.. one good note.. his testicules are in great shape.. and there is no blood pulling in his intestines…. He is not in pain.. he is eating great.. he is drinking.. so for now i am going to love on my baby and make him as comfortable and happy as i can

    so doing surgery is not really an options.. he has so many issues ..
    i did reasearch on his condition.. and the statistics were not in his favor to survive the surgery… if he does make it through the surgery and the healing process. with all his other symptoms.. he might live for an extra 3 months.. but what would his quality of life be?
    my Zander had a splenectomy 5 years ago and survived it for 5 precious years.. he was only 6 years old when this happened he did not have any other problems at the time. no heart issues .. no liver issues.. just a darn mass the size of a grapefruit in his spleen.
    Unfortunatly he developed a heart murmur over the years which enlarged and was crushing his trachia…… his little body just shut down and he wouldn’t eat or drink.. after lots of test we found that he had cancer all through his body….. he passover the rainbow bridge march 16 2015
    I am starting to not like March or April very much. but for now i will just love on my Thai-Thai one day at a time… if anyone has suggestions or answers… i am open to hearing anything that might help …

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