Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #2, #3 – Getting Down to Business

I hope you got here from Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #1: Getting Settled so you have some context. If not, I suggest you go back to the beginning (Lamar-Dixon Chronicles: Introduction). Each episode links to the next for continuity.

9/22/05: Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #2

The news is not as good tonight. I’m forwarding the following update from Wendy’s husband and Tammy Wilson (with minor edits):

Day 3, Thursday: “Mike here, Wendy’s husband. I talked to Wendy today just after lunch their time. She asked me to send an update to you and all others concerned. They are doing OK but have their hands full with all the rescue dogs. The majority of them are Pit bulls and are not really used to being taken care of, many of them could have been strays that may not of had homes before the storm. Wendy mentioned something like feral cats. She also said that they may need to evacuate later today or soon because of Rita, the next hurricane. Sandy is being given the title of barn captain and Wendy will assist her in running the operation of that barn, which has upwards of 900 dogs, crates stacked onto of each other. Lots of cleaning, walking and feeding going on and you can bet that’s just a part of the daily routine there. Well keep them in your prayers as I will and lets hope the next storm moves farther west from them otherwise Texas will be next. Wendy also mentioned that they need more help if anybody has some time to donate, and also some extra funds to pass along for future volunteers.”

“Tammy just got the call from Wendy, they are evacuating now. They will take the RV and rental car and are heading north, destination unknown. I guess that it is mandatory, but she was in a rush and could not talk anymore. I think we need to pray for all people and animals that may be in harm’s way. And also for their safety in this risky endeavor.”

I tracked Rita all day and watched as its path shifted farther and farther east. It still appeared that they would be well outside the worst of it, and would get drenched and suffer some 25-30mph winds, but that’s about it. I guess that circumstance has changed. I’m glad they are moving north, although I shudder to consider the fate of the animals (and people) that are being left behind. Hopefully the relocation will be temporary and they can get back to what they’re doing very soon. The good news is that it appears that Houston isn’t going to be slammed as much as originally thought, so they should be able to get out of there next week.

9/22/05: Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #3

Forwarded from Nancy Campanile:

“Here is a Sandy story as told by Marty, her mom: Sandy had a busy stressful day with only one break after a 12 hour stretch. She said it is very hot and everyone is starting to panic about the new hurricane. She said when people come to look for their animals you just can’t look at them because they look shell-shocked. She has 375 pets in her barn. She said you can not imagine the stories. Breaks your heart. One man found his dog there and for some reason he can’t get it out so he just stays there in the barn.”

“She was talking so fast it was hard to keep the stories straight. She said the whole thing is just utter confusion. She had a pretty stressful day but she says there are people there who have had the day she had today for weeks. She says they are better people than she is. She says it is going to be very hard to leave there.”

“They have a border collie there that they have listed as an Australian Shepherd. Said the owner will never find it because they have the wrong breed on it. She is going to get the name of the person who is the head of that barn and have me get in touch with Pat Cook and Border Collie rescue to see if they might be able to get the dog.”

“One dog ate all of his paper work. She was on her hands & knees trying to find some little piece of paper that might have some numbers on it, but no luck.”

Next up: Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #4, #5: Hunkered Down in Mississippi

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