Essential Tools for Dog Lovers

Hi, my name is Holly and I’m a gadget-freak. Oops, wrong meeting. Hi, my name is Holly and I’m a dog-lover. Wait, still not right. Hi, my name is Holly and I’m a dog-loving gadget-freak. Yeah, that’s the one.

I’m not afraid to admit it publicly. I love to explore gadgets, and my dogs have provided me with a whole new world of opportunities. Some work, some don’t. I figured the least I could do to redeem myself  is to blog about it and save you all the trouble. After all, why should we both throw money at the bad experiments?

I already have a couple of terrific items to catch up on. I’ll post the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly. If you have a fantastic dog gadget that I need to know about, please let me know.

3 Responses to Essential Tools for Dog Lovers

  1. Wendy Krehbiel says:

    Hmmm, not sure if these qualify as “gadgets” – will be interested to see what’s on your list!…

    Cowboy Magic is amazing for long dog coats – brush it in before a hike and end up with less burrs, brush it in after and detangle much easier.

    Ventlocks for your car – amazing how much more airflow you can get when you can leave your back hatch cracked!

    Undercoat rakes – a must have for getting rid of masses of hair hiding under the top coat (on a side note – I know lots of people love the furminator – I found my regular old undercoat rake with short teeth kicks the furminator’s rear. Long toothed undercoat rakes don’t work so well on golden coats – the shorter tooth ones are harder to find. Wondering if that’s why people are in love with the furminator)

    The Easy Walk Harness – for reducing pulling on leash. No pain involved – just physics! The Sense-ation harness is an equally valuable equivalent.

    The Eat Slow bowl – for your dog who eats so fast he throws it up and eats it again (

  2. Ellen Finch says:

    I’ve found the same thing with the furminator. Finally bought one after so many people I know raved about it. I struggled with it for a while but have returned to the undercoat rake for Tika and neither of those works on Boost–have to stick with the slicker. Maybe I should sell the furminator…it’s so pricey I’m having trouble just letting it go.

    Meanwhile, looking forward to hearing more about gadgets!

    • Brittney says:

      I have found the best way to use the Furminator on BCs is to wash them and then put conditioner in their coat. While the conditioner is in the coat use the Furminator. It is amazing at the clumps of hair that comes out.

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