Epic FB Posts, Part 2 – Rody and the Chicken

As I mentioned in my last entry, Epic FB Posts, Part 1 – The Astroglide Post, two of my gauges of Facebook post quality are (a) the construction of the initial post (which must be based in truth) and (b) the resultant Comment thread – which can be measured in quality, quantity, and most importantly, the beverage-through-the-nose factor. It is a noteworthy event when a post exceeds expectations by all of the aforementioned measures. But to have two in one 24-hour period is a feat that will not soon be surpassed. And so I bring you Part 2, Rody and the Chicken – with 49 Comments (a record that holds to this day). For those of you who don’t know Rody, I need to give you some perspective – that’s her on the right.

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