Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #12, #13 – Saves!

I hope you got here from Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #10, #11: Gearing Up for a Shift Change so you have some context. If not, I suggest you go back to the beginning (Lamar-Dixon Chronicles: Introduction). Each episode links to the next for continuity.

10/1/05: Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #12

Here is a forward from Sandy’s mother reporting on Sandy’s activities today. I think it says it all, and I don’t have anything to add.

Sandy and Jill went to house that someone told them they had heard a dog. All the doors and windows had bars on them. She tried to break thru the front door but she could not budge the deadbolts. They walked around the house and found a kind of storage unit attached to the house. She started breaking down the wall! She made a hole big enough for them to crawl thru and went thru the house. They found a lab in the laundry room. He growled at them at first then as they got nearer to him, he got very excited ( & pee’d)  She said he wasn’t too bad. They looked around and found a phone bill and started calling to find the owners. She got in touch with the owner and told him they had rescued his dog and he started to cry. He said he couldn’t believe he was still alive. Sandy said he must have been pretty portly and he said he had weighed 90 pounds. She said he broke down and cried several times during their conversation. He is coming to New Orleans tomorrow to get the dog. He said you and I are going to become best friends. You don’t know how happy you have made us. We have been crying about the dog for weeks. He asked her how the house was and she said not too bad but all the locks are smashed and he laughed and said that was okay with him.

Then they were driving down the street and saw a little Pomeranian with its face pressed up against the window. They broke in there and the dog was in pretty bad shape. Could hardly hold its head. They looked around again for someway to contact the owner and after a few phone calls they got in touch with the dog’s owner. She said other people had called her and told her they had found her dog (Snowball). Sandy told her the fish were still alive. She said they couldn’t find any fish food so they gave them some corn flakes. She said where did you find that. Sandy said on top of the refrigerator. She said you really are in my house and you really do have Snowball. They took Snowball to the triage and the gave her some IV’s and some nutracal and she started to perk up a little bit. Her owners are going to come tomorrow too.

So all in all a pretty happy day for the last day there. Sandy is so jazzed that she might really get to meet the owners. She will be home tomorrow for sure. Her kids sure do miss her as I am sure she misses them. Ty and Brink are no trouble….but that little girl is a handful and sure has a mind of her own. So this will close the Sandy rescue saga.

10/2/05: Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #13

I talked to Sandy yesterday morning before she left to return home. She confirmed that she had gotten to meet the owners of two of HER actual rescues for their reunion with their dogs. She said that those two moments made EVERYTHING worth it.

Here is a forward from Judie Mancuso on the status at Lamar-Dixon: “Hi everyone! This is Mark writing to you from Jane’s email. I just spoke with her, and received an update on the activities in New Orleans. The state Vet has advised that they are no longer to accept anymore animals at the Lamar Dixon Expo center. To combat this recent decision, Jane has found another location. However, in the last hour, there is a problem with that center. Jane is desperate for a new location. A farm, barn, warehouse or other location that can be set up to house rescued animals. The rescue effort is not done! They are still rescuing about 100 animals from homes every day. The ones that they are finding dead, did not die from the hurricane, but are dead from starvation/dehydration. They’ve been found in carriers, and curled up on their people’s beds. The clock is still ticking! So please, if you have a source for a location, please respond ASAP.”

“As for help, they are still in need of people to come to New Orleans to perform various task. Yes they still need those who can rescue and feed, but they also need those who can do shelter work, administration work, check in animals, drive them to shelters, etc, etc. Lamar Dixon is still housing the volunteers, just not taking in any animals. Please go down ASAP. New volunteers are to meet at 9 pm between barns 1&2 for orientation/direction. They meet again at 5:30 am to get going and to be briefed on the days activities. The national groups have pulled out of New Orleans as per orders of the state vet, Jane is operating the rescue efforts on her own with the help of the volunteers. Please help!”

As you can see, the need for wiling volunteers continues as the situation becomes more and more dire for the dogs that have been left behind. We had been told that the rescues were stopping, but it turns out that it is only the HSUS-sanctioned rescues that have ceased. They simply changed the signs on the cars and are still going in daily.

I got an update from Art Bailey that Lorrayne has arrived safely and has connected with Jill and Eric and the RV. They were on their way to dinner when she called. Eric arrived this morning, so I’m assuming he has had a chance to get oriented.

Volunteer update: Thanks to several of our airline miles donors, Cara Callaway and her crew of three friends are confirmed on flights and ready to go next Sunday. The three friends are returning on the 15th, but it looks like Bay Teamer Deborah Dulaney will be flying out on the 10/16 to stay with Cara for another week. Bay Teamer Ginger Cutter has also expressed her desire to go later in October, and we’re working on that now. In addition, Sarah’s mother recruited two people in Mesquite, NV, on the basis of our reports – they’re leaving on Friday. And they’re doing it on their own – all they want from us is an update on the best place for them to go, based on the reports we get on the status of the shelters.

Next up: Lamar-Dixon Chronicles #14: More Changes 

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