Mast Cell Tumors, part 2

Mostly good news. We got the cytology report today, and Jasmine’s mast cell tumor (MCT) has the following characteristics:

  • Grade II. We would have rather had Grade I, but this is still much better than Grade III.
  • Well-differentiated. This is a term that is more commonly associated with Grade I (in contrast to moderately- or poorly-differentiated). So maybe this means we’re on the low side of Grade II. I’m going to go with that.
  • Clean margins in all directions, including underneath. Thanks to our surgeon for being so thorough, and to Sarah for helping us find it so early.
  • Low Mitotic Index (MI). This may be the most important thing. According to a UC Davis study, “MI is a strong predictor of overall survival for dogs with cutaneous MCTs and should be included as a prognostic indicator when determining therapeutic options.”

Bottom line: no further treatment is indicated or recommended. The doctor also reassured us that skin MCTs don’t usually progress to the internal organs – those more commonly just start there. And since she had an abdominal ultrasound just a few weeks ago (completely unrelated) that cleared both her liver and spleen, I think we’re in pretty good shape on that.

So, a big sigh of relief, at least for now. And now we implement a more aggressive schedule of body checks on all of the dogs – to include the limbs. Until now, we have focused more on the torso because that’s where the lipomas tend to crop up. The key to these MCTs is to catch them early and get them the heck outta there.

Again, thanks to all of my friends for the well-wishes. And thanks also to our vets at North Park Veterinary Clinic in Rohnert Park, especially Dr. Miconi who diagnosed the MCT and is doing the follow-up, and Dr. Schweid who performed the surgery.

Jasmine the pirate queen in her "half-pants".

Jasmine the pirate queen in her "half-pants".

Another view of the pirate pants.

Another view of the pirate pants.

One Response to Mast Cell Tumors, part 2

  1. Ellen says:

    Whew! Sounds very promising.

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