FB threads that make me chuckle

Occasionally, there comes along a Facebook Status / Comment thread that is just worthy of keeping. If for no other reason than they make me chuckle every time I read them, and I don’t have any idea how long FB keeps them. So I’ve decided to add to my blog a category called “Facebook threads that make me chuckle”. As with most things in my life, I’ll probably get bored and stop posting, but who knows?

The simplest way to capture these is to screenshot the thread and post the graphic. It does raise some questions of privacy, since some of the commenters might not expect to see their words on a public blog, but I’ve rationalized that as follows:
1) All of my 300+ FB friends can see the comments, so it’s not that private anyway.
2) Because I’m posting a graphic, it’s not searchable by any search engines.
3) If you are quoted and don’t like it, just let me know and I’ll either pull the posting, redact your name, or edit out your comment completely (unless it’s crucial to the humor of the thread).

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