The Beer Bottle / Sneeze-Guard – 7/20/09

I don’t know what’s funnier about this one – the exchange between me and Cheri, or Peter’s comment, which I have to assume he posted in direct response to my original post without reading what came after.

3 Responses to The Beer Bottle / Sneeze-Guard – 7/20/09

  1. Ellen Finch says:

    Funny–this just popped up in google reader as a new post. Did you just post this and backdate it?

  2. agilepooch says:

    That’s because I recently realized that if you’re going to post FB threads, it’s appropriate to redact the last names. So I re-uploaded the images and updated the post.

    • Ellen Finch says:

      I thought about that after I uploaded some facebook things the other day but haven’t gone back and changed it. I posted some a couple of years back and, back then, asked everyone individually if it was OK (if I recall correctly).

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